La Dimension Fantastique is a bookstore specialized in the Fantastic genre. It was created by two passionate booklovers, Julien and Morgan, and it occupies an important place in the Parisian cultural landscape.

The team

Our team was composed of four UX/UI Designers : Victoria Malon Pierre, Avie Estetikadiati K, Kolianey Ang and me.

“Entrepreneurship is like sailing, it’s fun at first, but soon you don’t see the shore anymore, and then a storm comes, and the uncertainty turns into fear, it’s trial and error but you might really mess it up.”

This is how Juan, CEO of the start-up Anemo, expressed himself during our first meeting, as we were co-building a User Journey. He was using this sailing metaphor to describe his own entrepreneurial adventure and the one he was imagining for the users he was targeting: they would be highly skilled migrants, or as he called them at other times, extrapreneurs. They…

Mock-up of the high-fidelity prototype of a wellness app, made to ease difficult emotions

Jobs to be done interviews clearly is one of my favorite UX Design tools, even though they are a challenge. Getting to the bottom of a user’s true or hidden desires is both fascinating and tricky. Our subject — emotions — was more touchy than I had expected, and I was very surprised to discover how powerful this method is, but also, how delicate. I’m going to deploy here the UX process used to create a wellness app from scratch, and show how JTBD interviews played a decisive role in the creation of the concept and functionalities of the app.

The brief

Ironhack — project 2 : Add a feature

Picture : Thibault Penin,

I was recently offered what at first seemed like a strange challenge, but turned out to be an absolutely exciting idea for Netflix and cooking fans.

Netflix Kitchen, the new way to chill

I love cinema just as much as I love food, and I especially like mixing both. I suppose most of you feel the same way. There is something utterly satisfying in eating in front of your Netflix favorite program. And when you’re not already eating, turning on Netflix makes you want to get up again to go grab your 85% cocoa chocolate and your almonds. So…

Ironhack — Project 1 : Wicked problem

Picture by @jonathanborba :

1. Overview

Our client was the Public Healthcare system.

We spent 8 days on this project.

2. Problem Statement

This was the initial brief :

“Technology is changing the way we interact with each other. Many processes and tasks that required a long time to do in the past are now a matter of clicking a button and voilá!

As the public system incorporates technological solutions to big infrastructures, our experience as citizens should see that change too. How Might We transform the end-to-end experience of access to public healthcare ?

Photograph of one side of the Taj Mahal from up close / @jangemerle

For the third challenge of Ironhack’s prework, I had to jump into the shoes of a world traveler to redesign a flight comparison website. This exercise allowed me to understand the importance of findability, and I will detail here what happens when important features stay mysteriously hidden like a forgotten easter egg.

After a brief benchmark, I chose Skyscanner, which I found easy to use because it was the most intuitive, logical and aesthetic. I quickly reached the results I was looking for and the prices found were better than on other websites.

The challenge was to propose a redesign…

Women’s feet wearing candy-pink socks support a pile of books, on top of which a martini glass rests precariously
@thoughtcatalog /

As a second challenge for Ironhack’s prework, I had to do a fun exercise and I made a mistake that taught me the importance of task analysis, which is why I decided to share it with you.

The challenge was to: choose one app to work with, pick a flow to work on (from 5 to 7 screens), draw the user flow in lo-fi, describe the task analysis, wireframe the screens on Figma, and put together a prototype. What we did was ‘reverse engineer’ the chosen app, to better understand Interaction Design and User Flow.

Why Blinkist

I chose Blinkist because this…

Ironhack Paris UX/UI Challenge : Design Thinking.

Photo by Tyler Casey

My first challenge, as an Ironhacker, is to use the Design Thinking process to propose a new feature to UrbanGo, a transport application based in Silicon Valley. As Citymapper in France, UrbanGo proposes itineraries to facilitate mobility in large cities, informing users of the time and cost of their trip. The aim of this application is to improve local mobility by simplifying connectivity between train, tram, bus, taxi and car rental. …


UX/UI Designer, cinephile, author, singer and pastry fan

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